Great customers deserve a great customer loyalty program. That’s why we created Bright Minds Rewards! We want to reward you for choosing us as your online early childhood education provider. Checkout the ways you can earn course coupons and “Brightstars” your customer rewards currency. 

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It’s easy to participate in Bright Minds Rewards. On our web site you will see the widget shown below  on the right side of your screen. Just click on the widget and follow the easy steps described therein.


The best way to earn free or discounted courses is to tell your co-workers and friends about us. Just click on the widget “Referral” button and then click on the email, Facebook or Twitter button to share your referral coupon code with them. When they use that coupon code on their first order, we will email you a course coupon code worth 25% off your next order total and reward you with 1000 Bright Stars which you can use for an additional $2 off your next order! Your friend will also receive a 25% discount on their order total. Try it now!

Another great way to earn Brightstars is by purchasing Bright Minds Training courses. You earn 50 Brightstars for every dollar you spend. So, for example, if you buy a $10 course you would earn 500 Brightstars. When you have accumulated 500 Brightstars you can redeem them for a $1 discount on your next course purchase. Let’s say you accumulate 4500 Brightstars. If you want you can apply them for a $9 discount on a $10 course. You apply points on the shopping cart page. The following image illustrates this example:

apply points