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Early Childhood Institute Conference


This is Ms Gwen. She is one of many amazing women (and a few amazing men) I met this week at the Early Childhood Institute Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. There were about 1500 attendees and I can tell you without hesitation that they were an exceptional group. Some were quiet. Some were pleasant. Most were absolutely, incredibly friendly and kind and made three days sitting in one spot fun and interesting and something I look forward to doing again.

Kentucky Leading The Way For Kids

We had a table for Bright Minds Training at the convention. It was our first convention and we were excited to introduce the attendees to the courses that we are so proud of. Weeks were spent planning, designing posters and flyers, ordering personalized tote bags in our signature purple color and all the other details involved with such an event. But I will admit that I was nervous. How would we be received? Would people welcome us? Well, let me tell you.

Bright Minds Training

Ms Gwen saw that I was cold, brought her wrap out, gave it to me and insisted that I use it the rest of the day. How kind is that? Others brought us a program when they heard we didn’t have one … coffee for my mom, who is pictured above … and more importantly just came back again and again to grab another piece of candy out of our bowl and chat for a few minutes. We had several people who came back many times to grab some candy and talk for a while, so we developed real relationships with people from all over Kentucky. Some came before the last session just to say good bye and that they enjoyed getting to know us. It was an amazing experience.

This is Dana from Williamstown Headstart / Preschool. Why does she look so happy? She won our drawing for a $250 Amazon gift card!! Congratulations, Dana!!

I was so happy to have a product that I am truly proud to talk about. The courses on our website are approved in many states and we are working on more state approvals. In Kentucky … every course is ECE TRIS approved and good for professional development hours. All courses have been written in the last year, so they aren’t like some online courses that have been sitting for many years and are outdated. Also, I am proud to say that I have personally worked directly with children for over 20 years as a teacher and then as a director, so I am not one of those trainers who is speaking from book knowledge only! Courses that STARS for Kids Now gives points for are included on the website such as Curriculum and Lesson Planning – Breaking It Down – Online which is 2.0 hours and Curriculum and Lesson Planning – Breaking It Down – Hybrid, a 4.0 hour course and Encouraging Family and Community Involvement: Bonus, Encouraging Each Other, another 2.0 hour course.

Women at the conference

So when I’m ready to go to the next convention, I will go without the nervous tension and worry. I guess I had forgotten that early childhood professionals are exceptional people. They are nurturing, kind and friendly people and I was privileged to meet hundreds of them this week. I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience and am looking forward to doing it again. Thanks, again Ms. Gwen and all of the other amazing people I got to meet and get to know. It was truly a privilege.


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Early Childhood Institute Conference