Director’s Assistant Program

Are you are an owner or director?   How helpful would it be if you did not need to maintain records of the required professional development hours? How much time would it save if your training company reminded your employees of their approaching training deadline when needed? Our Director’s Assistant program is designed to reduce the time and effort that you spend managing the professional development hours.  We will help employees stay on top of their training needs.
We provide this service in exchange for your commitment to purchase at least 75% of your staff’s professional development hours from us. Some classes are required by the state that we don’t provide, such as orientation. The hours for those classes are part of the 25% that are not required to be taken with our company. Included below is an overview of how the program works.
For us to provide this service to you we would need for your center owner or director to provide us with the following training related information for each employee:
  • Employee Name
  • Email address they will use on their Bright Minds Training account
  • Hire date – Most states use this date for calculating annual deadlines for meeting training requirements
  • Total hours of training required in the current year
  • Total hours of training completed in current year
We would also need the following information about the child care center:
  • Company Name
  • Director’s name
  • Director’s email address
  • Company’s city, state and phone number
An Excel spreadsheet is provided to facilitate the collection of the needed data. Figure – 1 illustrates an example of that spreadsheet. Click here to obtain a copy of the spreadsheet. If you do not use Excel, we can accept any type written document having the same information.

Childcare center Director’s Assistant Program

Figure - 1

If an employee takes a training from someone other than Bright Minds Training, we will need to be notified in a timely manner.   We can use this information to keep their recorded updated.
We will also need you to inform us when you hire a new employee or when an employee leaves your center.
As an employee completes trainings with us we will update their training record.
Employee’s training records will be monitored on a monthly schedule. If an employee is within two months of their deadline and needs training they will be yellow flagged.   We will remind them via email of their need to complete the training in the required time frame.
If they have still not satisfied their training within one month of their deadline, they will be red flagged.  We will send center management an email letting them know.
Upon request we can email an employee training report for all employees at a center. An example of that report is illustrated in figure -2.

Figure - 2

If you are interested in this program, please reach out to us via phone Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST at 859-468-9128 or anytime by email at
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Childcare center Director’s Assistant Program