Where can I find the course I purchased?

Click on the “Student Profile” menu item and you will find your purchased course listed there. Detailed instructions are provided Here

When will I receive credit for a completed course?

Each state has their own method for submission of completed course information. If a state has an online system for accepting completed course information then we will submit the required information within 10 days of completion of the course. Otherwise after you successfully complete a course  you can print a PDF version of your course certificate and submit a copy of that certificate to your state agency.

Who writes your courses?

One of our owners, Connie, writes all of our courses.  Go to our About Us page to learn more about her education and experience.

Are the courses approved for my state?

Our States page lists the states where our courses are approved.

Why don't I see the orange course "Launch" button on the course page for the course that I just purchased.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser you may need to click on the browser refresh button. This will refresh the course page and display the orange “Launch” button for the course you purchased.